Thursday, July 16, 2009

High Class Graffitti

Good looking Murals in Public places abound in the EastEnd.
This is one very good example.
Another memorable mural at the intersection of Lockwood and Harrisburg has recently been painted over. It was on the
side of a pawn shop. The scene was of a peasant woman,
a migrant farm worker...with a hopeful scene of the future
surrounding her. A neighbor, a 25 yr old woman is the daughter
of migrant farm workers. Backbreaking work, unbelievably hard she said. Did not want to ever come close to a farm again. Worked each spring and summer with her parents, in the southwest, northwest, Calif, New Mexico...moving around. Returning each fall to Houston, just in time for school. Graduated from Milby High. Married with 2 kids. And when I met her, she was trying to figure out how to collect unemployment even tho she had quit her job, and not been fired. Also, she was trying to divorce her husband on paper, and continue to be happily together, so that her Earned Income Credit at tax time would be heftier. No joke.

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