Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ramirez Hamburger - since 1944 in the EastEnd

Located at the heart of San Miguel de EastEnd is the old Ramirez Hamburgers store. Sadly, I found out this morning that Ramirez Hamburgers is no longer serving. They had simple griddle cooked commerical patty hamburgers, with those crinkly cut fries. The grandkids were running the place, and used no advertising. Just walkins from the neighborhood. Kids ate here after the game at the basketball courts across the street, mothers who were too tired to cook, came from the immediate neighborhood from behind that rises gently for about 6 blocks until it meets Navigation Blvd and the Houston Ship Channel.
Glad I got to eat there. Just for the history.
Looks like they're still renting out the apartments upstairs, though.'d make a great location for a BBQ place. Maybe Longhorn Smokehouse or something.
located at 912 76th Street, north of Harrisburg Rd near Ave H.

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