Monday, August 24, 2009

Best Drinks in Town

"Keep writing and connecting my two favorite places.", writes Billie of Billieblog & of San Miguel de Allende.
Here's one the East End of Houston, we come right out and tell you where to get the finest mixed drinks in Houston.

In San Miguel, you might need to buy a book, or a guide, or take a tour or something.

The sorry-looking photo above was shot from my truck window today, somewhere on Telephone Road.
Here's the link for very good photos and commentary along the food and drink trails of both
SMA & Houston -
I love this Happy Go Lucky sign. It hangs over a squat, windowless, metal building on a dusty parking lot. It's the embodiment of the word pathos. During the day, without the neon, it's even more pathetic and less happy- go-lucky.

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Billie said...

Dana, thanks so much for the mention on the blog.