Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Slaughtered on Harrisburg

Along Harrisburg Road, near Eastwood Park in Houston's East End, Metro's new light rail line construction is tearing up the road and diverting traffic. Media coverage has been plentiful, including an editorial in the Chron about the the preservation of an Art Deco landmark building.
According to the paper, the former Sterling Laundry building with its clock tower and streamlined shape will have its facade saved and perhaps even moved across the street to a site in Eastwood Park.
Built in 1935, the stylish one-story building was designed by local architect, Sol R Slaughter, who also designed a home in Idylwood that same year.
That's a curious last name, Slaughter. It brings to mind a special drink that's served at Tony Mandola's Gulf Coast Kitchen on West Gray. It's called the Slaughter Special and it's named after former regular customer and patron lawyer, Arthur Slaughter. Could he have been a son, or grandson of Sol Slaughter, the architect with the East End connection?
If you need a cool drink on this last day of August, here's the recipe for the Slaughter Special:

the Slaughter Special
from the bar of Tony Mandola's, Houston TX.
Fill a snifter glass with ice
Add a shot of Pimm's Cup
Top off with Good Champagne
Finish by rubbing the lip of the snifter with a lemon twist
And throw the lemon twist into the drink
Maybe someone could order it at Harry's in San Miguel de Allende, in memory of Arthur.
Gone but not shaken.

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